Convincing your boss…

In a recent article, Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner stated that the biggest skills gap is soft skills, including oral communication. If your employer chooses to invest in your public speaking skills, they are ensuring that you have the skills required to perform your role confidently and effectively.

Women and Color’s speaker bootcamp brings together some of the top diverse speakers from across the city for a 2-day intensive training. You will be learning alongside 20+ other modern leaders which provides a valuable opportunity to network, collaborate and learn. Each student has a different area of expertise which will enable you to gain unique perspectives and ideas.

As a public speaker, you can become a valuable ambassador for your company, often enhancing brand awareness and talent acquisition efforts.

Most speaker bootcamps charge upwards of $1,500. The fee for the Women and Color speaker bootcamp is set at an extremely accessible cost of $499 and includes the following:

  • Breakfast and lunch on both days to keep you energized

  • Pre-bootcamp course materials to help you prepare for the weekend

  • Personalized, actionable feedback on your talk by experienced speakers

  • Best practices for finding (and applying to!) speaking opportunities

  • Safe and supportive community invested in your success

On the second day of the bootcamp, students will participate in a ‘mini-conference’ by presenting a short talk in front of the coaches, teachers and their peers. A few hand-picked event organizers from Toronto will also be in attendance and select students will have the opportunity to speak at one of these organizers’ upcoming event.

We believe it’s important to continue facilitating the training and development of our students even after their graduation as well as providing them with a safe and supportive community that’ll enable their growth.